Conscientes y responsables: donación al Banco de Sangre


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92% of the world’s population is affected by pollution

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has presented a report on air quality which concludes that 92% of the world’s population lives in places where the air quality limits are exceeded for fine particles or PM2.5, with a diameter of less than 2.5 micra.
These particles, the result of poor combustion, dust and industrial activity, penetrate the lungs and the cardiovascular system, posing a grave risk to human health.
Nearly 7,000 people die every year in Spain from illnesses caused by air contamination, according to the WHO.
Madrid and Barcelona are two of the cities worst affected by pollution in southern Europe. In Spain the WHO estimates that pollution causes 15 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

Sources of pollution

The principal sources of air pollution caused by human activity include inefficient transport, burning fuel in homes and burning waste, power stations and industrial activities.

Campaign under way
This autumn the WHO is to roll out BreatheLife, a global communication campaign with the aim of making public opinion aware of air pollution as a major risk to health and the climate.
To find out more about BreatheLife click on this link.

The ICT Filtration commitment
We are convinced that industry can be competitive and responsible at the same time, and this vision goes beyond merely complying with standards and legislation for emissions of industrial particles into the atmosphere.
ICT Filtration believes in smart, aware industrial progress that is also ambitious and responsible. This is why our mission is to promote, ensure and facilitate a balance between maximum industrial development and minimum environmental impact through innovation, design, production and marketing or products and services to help industry to minimise the risk of particle emissions.
To put it another way, we help industry to be more competitive and responsible. And we are passionate about this.

Lluís Lleida
Communication Dept.

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Avoid the costly consequences of broken bags


Probes and monitors to detect particle emissions and bag breakage using CA triboelectric technology from Pentair-Goyen, products exclusively marketed by ICT FILTRATION in Spain and Portugal, provide accurate warnings of concentrations of particles in industrial combustion gas flows, to ensure that there are no emissions from the filter or small tears in the filter bag. This avoids the consequences of polluting emissions, product wastage, extra energy costs, production shutdowns and administrative sanctions.
These systems detect malfunctions immediately. Also, process monitoring allows preventive maintenance measures.

CA triboelectric technology

The principle of this reliable technology is based on the transfer of electrical charge generated by moving particles in the detector element (sensor).
Before being analysed, the resulting current signal is amplified, filtered, rectified and filtered again, generating a linear representation of the concentration or mass flow coefficient of the particles in the gas flow.

Main technical features (by model)
• The instrument is used in an indicative mode, without calibration.
• Outputs for PLC, SCADA system or data recorder.
• Monitoring: in a relative scale (0-100%) or on a scale from 4 to 20 mA.
• Highly sensitive: detects most particles, regardless of their composition, including those from galvanisation gases (~0.1 μm).
• Connected to existing monitoring equipment in the plant, this device drastically reduces production down time.
• Comply with ATEX II 3 D&G and MACT standards.

Further information at this link.

Tanya Bahdanovich
International Purchasing

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25 years with Paco

It seems like just yesterday, but 25 years have gone by. In 1991, a year before the Barcelona Olympics, Francisco Munuera joined the small team of people then striving to consolidate a budding business project. In time, Francisco became Paco and the project became a solid company: ICT Filtración.
This is the story of Francisco Munuera, our Paco, and of ICT Filtración. Through this link you can download our interview with Paco on the occasion of his 25th anniversary with the company (in spanish). In it he reviews the past, comments on the present and sketches out a future from different points of view. A great employee and an even better person, let this serve as a homage to Paco and all the work he has done at ICT Filtración. Thank you, Paco!

Josep Crespo

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ICTEX® specialist fabrics for granulation processes and PharmaLine filter elements

Under the name ICTEX® and marketed exclusively by ICT FILTRATION in Spain and Portugal, these new fabrics meet all requirements for wet and dry granulation processes in the pharmaceutical industry. ICTEX® fabrics are specially developed for making drying, transfer and filter elements.
They are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) using Standardised Work Procedures (SWP) and conform to current legislation in terms of the specific migration limits stipulated in the EU10-2011 standard and/or FDA certification.

PharmaLine filter elements
The PharmaLine filter elements manufactured by ICT FILTRATION are made with ICTEX® conductive specialist fabrics, PharmaLine Approved polyamide especially for abrasive dust with a low humidity content. They are filtering solutions designed to cut manufacturing costs, optimise production processes, improve process safety and ensure an end product free from contaminants in the drying, coating, spray granulation and pelletisation processes.
In response to the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry, CAD laser technology is used in the fabric cutting process to ensure precision and the best possible finish. Moreover, the seams are sealed with ultrasound technology and heat sealing. All products are delivered with certificates and documentation to facilitate traceability.
PharmaLine filter elements by ICT FILTRATION are supplied with personalised labelling, marking and packaging, using laser technology, without inks or threads, to avoid any possible risk of leaks, wastage or contamination.
As well as standard designs, there are personalised designs to allow for a range of finishes. For example, with regard to the finish of the covers, models are made with handles and anti-static edging for absolute conductivity, sandwich-type construction (fabric/felt/fabric) and always with smooth edges in contact with the product.
Skirts are closed with a cord and zip, with reinforcing linings to ensure durability. The heat-sealed closure of the tube/bag eliminates the risk of emissions and product wastage through seams that exists with traditional sewn closures. Heat sealing also eliminates the risk of the thread snapping and cross contamination by loose fibres.
As well as ICTEX® polyester textiles, fluid bed bags, filter bags and the other elements produced by ICT FILTRATION can be made up in conductive polyamide grade.

Ask for a technical datasheet.

Adrià Crespo
Person responsible for PharmaLine

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FoodLine, the ICT Filtration Food Grade range for the food industry

The compulsory EC 1935/2004 and EU 10/2011 regulations provide the starting point for the innovative FoodLine filtering solutions by ICT Filtration aimed at the food industry.
By using FoodLine by ICT Filtration, companies in the food industry can enjoy confidence and peace of mind because the quality of their end product will comply with current legislation and be what their customers want. Moreover, and this positions us as a strategic partner, FoodLine products offer a host of advantages in terms of performance, efficiency and management of storage and restocking.

FoodLine filtering solutions by ICT Filtration are made with high-performance Food Grade needle-punched felts and exclusive advanced ICTEX® Food Grade specialist fabrics.
On request by the customer, items can be accompanied by traceability documents: declaration of conformity on migration in accordance with EU 10/2011, technical datasheet, FDA certificate and ATEX certificate.
Other competitive advantages for customers of FoodLine include personalisation of items: custom manufacture, identification and labelling to facilitate management of restocking of the article, and individual packaging to maximise hygiene safety and improve storage.
ICT Filtration helps businesses in the food industry to make progress in accordance with EU regulations towards higher standards of hygiene, safety and quality.
Download the FoodLine technical datasheet through this link.

Xavier Bassas
General Manager

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Grandes personas de ICT Filtration: José Antonio González

Algunas personas se ganan el reconocimiento y la estima de todos por su esfuerzo diario en el trabajo y por su alegre y gran corazón. Son personas valoradas, especiales y muy queridas.
En ICT FILTRATION, una de estas personas es JOSÉ ANTONIO GONZÁLEZ.
José Antonio, gracias por ser como eres.

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